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My Navy career lasted over 34 years. Mostly Reserve duty, but that allowed flexibility in where I went for duty. Seven weeks in Egypt, three in Naples, Italy, and two weeks each in the Philippines, Japan, and three more in Thailand made for interesting summers. Athens, Georgia was a recurring destination. Two deployments included Diego Garcia (where I didn’t want to leave) and Afghanistan. Those added Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Germany to my stops. Vacations have included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, cruises on both coasts of Mexico, France, England, Scotland and Wales.
I think I’ve flown over every timezone at least twice. I have overpacked and under packed. I was dubbed “Commander Gadget” by a friend on our way to the Middle East.
I’ve made many friends around the world, mostly online, but have met scores in person and have had the privilege of enjoying their hospitality.
I hope to add you to this wonderful group of friends.

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English Narrowboats along a Canal


If you live in the United Kingdom, you probably have seen, or at least heard of, narrowboats. Like houseboats in the US which can be rented on various lakes and river systems, the narrowboat is a great way to spend a week relaxing with friends or family.

In a few weeks, I’ll be flying to England to, among other things, spend a week on a narrowboat. I don’t know how close it will look to this one, but you can count on photos and videos added after my trip! (Videos will go up on YouTube.)

My particular canal trip will begin in Market Harborough which is approximately 10 miles southeast of the city of Leicester, England. I booked this trip through the Armed Forces Vacation Club  about which I’ll write in a future post. Trust me when I say that if you are in, or have relations in the US military, you should know about this site.

My particular boat will have two bedrooms, a full kitchen, lounge area, and a bathroom with shower (hmmm a bit nervous about this, lol) and will be driven by one of the four of us onboard. Because we will be on a canal system, we will encounter the lock system which will raise and/or lower the boat to accommodate the change in altitude of the canal. I’ve added a short video to my YouTube channel to give you an idea how it all works.

Though cruising along the canals will be relaxing, there will be a public tow path along at least one bank, as canal boats were originally towed by horses and mules. Paths may be paved, run through towns, and will have a variety of geocaches to be found (future post also). Some boats have bicycles which can be used on the paths and around villages along the way.

I am really looking forward to this trip. We will be stopping in little towns and villages for sightseeing, shopping, and of course, the pubs. This will be a totally new vacation experience for me. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain for the entire seven days!!

What is the most unusual vacation you have taken? Comment below or on the Tiggrz Travels Facebook page.

Be on the lookout for updates as they occur!







Photo credit: Pixabay contributor Gavin36

A Not-so-long Weekend

Boise's Global Community
Boise’s Global Community

Last year, an empty retail building was transformed into a wonder international marketplace featuring tiny shops owned by a diverse group from Boise’s immigrant residents. Included, but not limited to, were several grocery booths, a coffee/tea shop, and several tiny but wonderful restaurants featuring food from Ethiopia to Nepal.

Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building last fall and all of it’s contents. While I don’t know what all the vendors are doing in the meantime, on Saturdays at least, we can support several at the Global Community Market.

Today I had Nepalese food, including momos, meatballs, beef curry, chicken curry salad, rice and a noodle dish. It was wonderful and I hope the Market is doing well enough to sustain its participants until a more permanent location is found.

Located on the SE corner of 8th and Myrtle, there is ample parking behind the building in a lot off Capital. The first hour is FREE with the second a mere $2.

Check it out. It’s small, but worth the visit.

2016 Starts with a few losses

It’s the 15th of January, the month is half over. So far, the entertainment world has lost a couple of the best in their respective fields.

Just a few days after his birthday, and the release of his final album and video, David Jones passed away. Who?? Sorry, he was known to fans as David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, or simply, Bowie. If you haven’t had a chance to watch is final video, it is poignant in that he knew he was losing his fight against cancer when he made it.

I know everyone who knows who Bowie is (not was, we are not ready for that yet) has their own favorite song. Many were mentioned on social media, but mine is and always will be The Little Drummer Boy which he sang on a Bing Crosby Christmas Special.

The very next day, I woke up to the news that Alan Rickman had died. Odd, that both Bowie and Rickman were a young 69 years. Though many know him through his role as Hans Gruber in “Die Hard”, the younger generation will know him best as the misunderstood Severus Snape of the Harry Potter films. He was the epitome of the character, based on the books description, and I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role.

Mr Rickman made a video. Published on Dec 13, 2015 Click on his name below, and help them reach their goal. It won’t cost you anything.
“By watching this, you have donated to Save the Children and Refugee Council. YouTube gives advertising revenue to whoever uploads a video. The more views on the video, the more money we receive. We will pass all that money on to charities (LINKS BELOW). Share this video to make an impact. With thanks to Alan Rickman.”
Alan Rickman

My tweet upon hearing of his death: TigTravels ‏@TiggrzTravels Jan 14
Good night Professor Snape. You were never understood.



Welcome to My World

Welcome to Tiggrz Travels, my new blog. It is the grown-up merging of my first attempts at blogging. If you have come over from the Boise and Beyond Podcast or TiggrzTravels blogspot sites, I welcome you.

This blog is in it’s infancy, so it will grow as it gains personality and friends. I have many stories of places all over the world which I have visited, along with many photos. I hope you will stop buy and enjoy.