A Not-so-long Weekend

Boise's Global Community
Boise’s Global Community

Last year, an empty retail building was transformed into a wonder international marketplace featuring tiny shops owned by a diverse group from Boise’s immigrant residents. Included, but not limited to, were several grocery booths, a coffee/tea shop, and several tiny but wonderful restaurants featuring food from Ethiopia to Nepal.

Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building last fall and all of it’s contents. While I don’t know what all the vendors are doing in the meantime, on Saturdays at least, we can support several at the Global Community Market.

Today I had Nepalese food, including momos, meatballs, beef curry, chicken curry salad, rice and a noodle dish. It was wonderful and I hope the Market is doing well enough to sustain its participants until a more permanent location is found.

Located on the SE corner of 8th and Myrtle, there is ample parking behind the building in a lot off Capital. The first hour is FREE with the second a mere $2.

Check it out. It’s small, but worth the visit.