The other side of the fountain.

When in Rome (Italy, not New York), you have to go to the big tourist sites: The Vatican Museum, St. Paul’s Basilica, The Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain.

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This sculpture really impressed me with it’s size and detail. We walked down a narrow street, passing shops and restaurants, and at the end, where ┬áseveral streets converged, it was there. We sat looking, drinking it all in. We people watched and took photos.

What most photos do not show is the view in the other direction, where all the tourist are. This is what you see:

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Rows and rows of steps where the tourist and locals alike gather on a hot summer afternoon, in the cool shade of the neighborhood buildings. It is a meeting place which is easy to find, the cool water of the fountains splishing and splashing in the background, while making plans for dinner.

I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in Naples, Italy for a Navy assignment. One of the Saturdays, 11 of us took three cars up to Rome for the day. More of that trip in future posts.